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Bible Commentaries

F.B. Meyer's 'Through the Bible' Commentary


- Obadiah

by Frederick Brotherton Meyer

Outline of Obadiah

The Doom of Edom

I. The Destruction of the Nation, Obadiah 1:1-9

II. Edom’s Heartlessness toward Israel, Obadiah 1:10-16

III. Israel’s Exaltation,Obadiah 1:17-21; Obadiah 1:17-21

Introduction to Obadiah

With regard to the personal life of Obadiah, information is lacking. His prophecy was probably delivered about the time of the fall of Jerusalem, b.c. 586. It is the shortest of the prophetical writings, containing but twenty-one verses. Its theme is the doom of Edom, because that nation mocked Jerusalem when the latter was destroyed. Its predictions have been completely fulfilled.