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Bible Commentaries

Dunagan's Commentary on the BibleDunagan's Commentary

- Ecclesiastes

by Mark Dunagan


chapter 1

I Outline:

II The Author:1:1

III The Theme of the Book: 1:2

IV Vanity easily seen in the Physical World: 1:3-11

A Compared to the world man is transitory: 1:4-8

B Even the future isn't new: 1:9-11

IV Solomon's Experiments: 1:12-18

A Unlimited resources for this search: 1:12

B Wisdom will be used: 1:13-18

C Human wisdom can't fix everything: 1:15

D His wisdom didn't bring him happiness: 1:18


chapter 2

I outline:

II The Search For Satisfaction: 2:1-10

III The Most Gifted Of Men Returns-Empty Handed: 2:11

IV The Temporary Nature Of The Best Human Wisdom: 2:12-17

V The Vanity Of Saving For Posterity: 2:18-21

VI A Glimpse Of Hope: 2:22-26


chapter 3

i outline:

VII The Tyranny Of Time: 3:1-11

VIII A Glimpse Of Hope: 3:12-15

IX Man's Inhumanity To His Fellowman: 3:16-22


chapter 4

x outline:

II Those Sighing Under Oppression: 4:1-3

XI Wrong Attitudes Towards Work: 4:4-9

L Rivalry/The Rat Race: 4:4

E The Drop-Out: 4:5

F The Miser: 4:8

VII What Money Can't Buy: 4:9-12

III The Fleeting Nature of Popularity and Fame: 4:13-16


chapter 5

I outline:

II Wasted Religious Effort: 5:1-7

III Waste Due To Corruption: 5:8-9

IV Pitfalls of Wealth: 5:10-17

V Only With God Is Labor Meaningful: 5:18-20


chapter 6

VI outline:

VII The Vanity Of Unenjoyed Wealth: 6:1-7

VIII The Vanity of Human Wisdom: 6:8-9

IX The Limitations Of Human Wisdom: 6:10-12


chapter 7

X Outline:

XI Face Death and Learn From It: 7:1-4

XII Other Wise Sayings: 7:5-14

XIII Religion, Wisdom And Evil: 7:15-29

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