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David Lipscomb
David Lipscomb

Born in Louisa County, Virginia on December 14, 1825. Originally his family were Baptist, but converted to Restoration Movement Christianity in the mid-1820's while reading Alexander Campbell's periodical Christian Bapist. David was baptize in 1845 at the age of twenty and enrolled at Franklin College the following year, graduing in 1849. Six years later he began publishing the Gospel Advocate, a conservative and Bible based magazine. Throughout its entire history, the Advociate has consistently sought to promote Christianity based on New Testament precedents.

Lipscomb was deeply affected by the American Civil War and advocated that Christians should no participate in war or actively participate in government. Because he actively opposed the participation of Christians in war, he was often viewed as a traitor to the Confederate States of America and later to the United States.

Theologically, Lipscomb regarded missionary societies and musical instruments used in the church as being unbiblical. Today this group of churches is referred to as "Churches of Christ Acapella".