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Monday, March 4th, 2024
the Third Week of Lent
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Bible Commentaries

The Church Pulpit CommentaryChurch Pulpit Commentary

- Isaiah

by Editor - James Nisbet

Isaiah 1:18 A Wonderful Cleansing

Isaiah 1:31 The Sinner and His Works Destroyed

Isaiah 2:2 The Last Days

Isaiah 3:10-11 Working for God; the End of Christian Life

Isaiah 4:2 The Branch of the Lord

Isaiah 5:2 A Disappointing Vintage

Isaiah 6:8‘Send Me’

Isaiah 7:10-14 An Unbelieving King

Isaiah 8:13 The Triune Sanctuary

Isaiah 9:6 Hope

Isaiah 9:10 Presumptuous Self-Deceivers

Isaiah 10:7 An Unconscious Instrument

Isaiah 10:15 The Worker and His Tools

Isaiah 10:27 The Yoke-Destroying Anointing

Isaiah 11:4 The Just and Merciful Messiah

Isaiah 11:10 A Perfect King and Kingdom

Isaiah 12:2 Fearless Trust

Isaiah 13:12 Money for Men

Isaiah 14:2 Gentiles Helping Jews

Isaiah 17:11 The Harvest of a Godless Life

Isaiah 18:4 Jehovah Resting

Isaiah 19:23 Israel a Uniting Bond

Isaiah 21:11-12 The Burden of Dumah

Isaiah 22:14 The Inexpiable Sin of Israel

Isaiah 22:22 He that Openeth … and that Shutteth

Isaiah 23:4 The Voice of the Sea

Isaiah 24:15 Faith Tried in the Fire

Isaiah 25:1 Thanksgiving

Isaiah 26:1-2 City and Citizens

Isaiah 27:8 Troubles Divinely Adapted

Isaiah 28:7 Wine is a Mocker

Isaiah 28:16 The Calmness of Faith

Isaiah 29:1-9 Jerusalem’s impending Humiliation and Deliverance

Isaiah 29:11-12 The Sealed Book

Isaiah 30:15 Strength in Quietness

Isaiah 30:18 God Compelled to Wait

Isaiah 31:1 Help from a Wrong Quarter

Isaiah 32:13 A Terrible Crop

Isaiah 33:21 The Rivers of God

Isaiah 34:5 The Sword Bathed in Heaven

Isaiah 35:10 A Happy Prospect

Isaiah 38:15 Sickness Sanctified

Isaiah 40:8 Perishable and Imperishable

Isaiah 40:31 The Secret of Immortal Youth

Isaiah 41:4 The First, and with the Last

Isaiah 41:17 The Sympathy of God

Isaiah 42:16 The Spiritually Blessed

Isaiah 42:19-20 Mercy Blind

Isaiah 43:25 Divine Forgiveness

Isaiah 44:5 A Dedicated Life

Isaiah 45:15 A Concealing God

Isaiah 46:4 How God Carries Men

Isaiah 47:1 A Lowly Seat

Isaiah 48:17 Profitable Teaching

Isaiah 49:2 God’s Spokesman

Isaiah 50:11 A Fire of Dying Sparks

Isaiah 51:6 The Temporal and the Eternal

Isaiah 52:11 Clean Carriers

Isaiah 53:3 The Man of Sorrows

Isaiah 54:9 The Waters of Noah

Isaiah 55:12 A Happy Exodus

Isaiah 56:2 The Happy Sabbath-Keeper

Isaiah 57:15 God’s Two Dwelling-Places

Isaiah 58:8 The Divinely Guarded Life

Isaiah 59:12 The Twofold Barrier

Isaiah 60:19 The Symbol and the Reality

Isaiah 61:1 The Edict of Emancipation

Isaiah 62:1 Speakers for God

Isaiah 63:1 The Warrior Messiah

Isaiah 64:6 The Fading Leaf

Isaiah 65:24‘O Thou that Hearest Prayer!’

Isaiah 66:12 The River of Peace

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