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Bible Commentaries

Abbott's Illustrated New Testament


- Titus

by John & Jacob Abbott


TITUS is often mentioned in the Epistles as Paul's companion and fellow-laborer. He was a Greek, Timothy being a Jew; and, although Paul allowed of the circumcision of Timothy, out of regard to the feelings of the Jewish brethren, he would not permit this rite to be performed upon Titus, (Galatians 2:3,Galatians 2:4;) thus showing that, while he allowed Jews to continue Jews, he would not countenance the idea that the rites and observances of the Mosaic law were essential to the salvation of the Gentiles. This Epistle is addressed to Titus at Crete, a large island in the Mediterranean, south of the Egean Sea. It is now called Candia. Paul had left Titus in Crete, in charge of the churches which had been founded there. (Titus 1:5.) His position in respect to the church, and his duties, were similar to those of Timothy at Ephesus, and the instructions contained in this Epistle, accordingly, correspond very closely with those addressed to Timothy.