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Bible Commentaries

Abbott's Illustrated New Testament


- Matthew

by John & Jacob Abbott

THE author of this Gospel is the person mentioned (Matthew 9:9 ) as an officer of the customs under the Roman government, stationed at Capernaum, on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. In Mark 2:14 , and in Luke 5:27, Luke 5:29 , he is called Levi. His first interview with the Savior seems to have awakened a strong interest in his mind, and he began at once to employ his property, and his influence as a public officer, in favor of the Savior's ministry,--entertaining Jesus and his followers publicly at his house, where he invited a large circle of subordinate officers of his acquaintance to meet him and listen to his instructions. These circumstances indicate that he was a man of some standing and consideration, in the class of officers to which he belonged.

Matthew was afterwards chosen one of the twelve apostles, but of his subsequent history nothing is known. From statements made by very early writers, it is generally supposed that he wrote his Gospel about thirty years after the death of Christ.