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Bible Commentaries

Abbott's Illustrated New Testament

1 Timothy

- 1 Timothy

by John & Jacob Abbott


THE, account of Paul's first connection with Timothy is contained in Acts 16:1,Acts 16:3. It is there stated that his mother was a Jewess, and her name, as well as that of his grandmother, is mentioned in 2 Timothy 1:5 where the apostle pays a respectful tribute to, the piety of both. After this period, Timothy was for a long time an attendant upon Paul, accompanying him in his travels, and sharing his labors and dangers; and, notwithstanding his youth, he was often intrusted with commissions of much importance, indicating, on the part of the apostle, great confidence in his abilities and in his piety.

In respect to the occasion on which this Epistle was written, it is rendered certain, by allusions contained in it, that it was addressed to Timothy at Ephesus, where it seems Paul had left him in charge of the affairs of his ministry during his absence on a journey into Macedonia. (1 Timothy 1:3.) Several of the apostle's journeys into Macedonia are alluded to in the Acts, particularly one mentioned Acts 20:1, in which case he went from Ephesus. In this instance, however, it is said (Acts 19:22) that Timothy had gone into Macedonia before him. He might, nevertheless, have returned to Ephesus so as to have been left there when Paul was compelled to leave the city by the disturbances created by Demetrius. Still, as there are no allusions in the Epistle to the extraordinary commotion which occasioned Paul's sudden. departure at this time, many have supposed that it must have been on some other occasion that this Epistle was written. All that is essential, however, to a correct understanding of it is clear, namely, that it is a letter of instructions sent by Paul to Timothy at Ephesus, at a time when he had been left there in charge of the affairs of his ministry.