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(ab' dahn) Geographical and personal name meaning “service” or “servile.” 1. A city from the tribe of Asher given the Levites (Joshua 21:30; 1 Chronicles 6:74 ). Its modern name is Khirbet Abdeh. It lies about three miles from the Mediterranean coast between Tyre and Acco. 2. A judge of Israel from the town of Pirathon in the tribe of Ephraim. He had a large family and personal wealth (Judges 12:13-15 ). 3 . Two men of the tribe of Benjamin (1 Chronicles 8:23 , 1 Chronicles 8:30; 1 Chronicles 9:36 ). The second of these was an ancestor of King Saul. 4. A member of the team named by King Josiah to seek God's guidance as to the meaning of the book Hilkiah, the priest, found in the Temple (2 Chronicles 34:20 ). Known in 2 Kings 22:12 as Achbor or Acbor (NIV).

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