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Passage Lookup: Matthew 1:7

New American Standard Bible
Matthew 1:7
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NAS – Solomon was the father of Rehoboam, Rehoboam the father of Abijah, and Abijah the father of Asa.
NA26 – Σολομὼν δὲ ἐγέννησεν (5656) τὸν Ῥοβοάμ, Ῥοβοὰμ δὲ ἐγέννησεν (5656) τὸν Ἀβιά, Ἀβιὰ δὲ ἐγέννησεν (5656) τὸν Ἀσάφ,
WH – σολομων δε εγεννησεν (5656) τον ροβοαμ ροβοαμ δε εγεννησεν (5656) τον αβια αβια δε εγεννησεν (5656) τον ασαφ
PES – ܫܠܶܝܡܽܘܢ ܐܰܘܠܶܕ݂ ܠܰܪܚܰܒ݂ܥܰܡ ܪܚܰܒ݂ܥܰܡ ܐܰܘܠܶܕ݂ ܠܰܐܒ݂ܺܝܳܐ ܐܰܒ݂ܺܝܳܐ ܐܰܘܠܶܕ݂ ܠܳܐܣܳܐ ܀
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