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Historical Writings

Today in Christian History

Friday, August 26

In Rome, Italian artist Michelangelo, 23, was commissioned by Pope Alexander VI to carve the "Pieta" Mary lamenting over the dead body of Jesus, whom she holds across her lap). The work was completed in 1501.
Repose (death) of Adrian the Abbot of Ondrusov, killed by robbers. He had been a notable monk, impressing even Ivan IV ("the Terrible"), who endowed his monastery and had him stand as godfather to his daughter Anna.
Death in Dublin of William Morgan, a college-age youth, one of the earliest Methodists at Oxford University, who had led the way in Methodist prison ministry.
National Assembly of France issues a decree against priests. Forty thousand will flee the country.
Death of English Methodist clergyman Adam Clarke, who had written Clarke's Commentary.
The New Testament of the ASV (American Standard Version) Bible was first published. This U.S. edition of the 1881 English Revised Version (ERV) comprised the first major American Bible translation since the King James Version of 1611.
Death of Maud Ballington Booth. She and her husband had disagreed with the methods of the Salvation Army and formed the rival Volunteers of America. She had been especially active with the Volunteer Prison League and was a founder of the Parent-Teacher Association.
Swedish Christian statesman Dag Hammarskjald recorded in his devotional journal (Markings): 'Bless your uneasiness as a sign that there is still life in you.'
Italian Cardinal Albino Luciani, 65, was elevated to the papacy as John Paul I. His unexpected death only 34 days later left a profound sadness for millions of people who had been drawn to him by his warm personality.
Friday Chinyere Usuwa, one of the founders of the Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria, is laid to rest in his hometown of Usaka-Eleogu, Abia State, after a week-long funeral.

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