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Historical Writings

Today in Christian History

Tuesday, May 8

Torture and beheading of Victor of Milan, a soldier in the Roman army, because he had revealed his Christian faith by destroying pagan altars.
Tyndale's Parable of Wicked Mammon is printed. A fugitive on the European continent, he smuggled pamphlets into England through merchant friends.
Counter-reformer Peter Canisius is admitted into the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in Mainz on his twenty-second birthday. By living a blameless life, founding colleges, preparing a clear well-organized catechism, and writing and speaking without bitterness and ridicule, he will restore the dignity of the Catholic Church in Northern Europe where the Protestant Reformation is ascendant.
Moravian missionary David Zeisberger establishes a mission at Oxford, Canada.
Thomas Middleton, the first Bishop of Calcutta is consecrated privately because the India company fears publicity.
Bishop Adjai Crowther of Nigeria draws up the Niger Delta pastorate scheme in which the Delta District is to be made a native pastorate and financed through native agency. It will be inaugurated the next January.
Death in Windsor, Ontario, of Henry McNeal Turner, a controversial bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. He had served as the first African-American chaplain in the United States Colored Troops.
Death of H. G. C. Moule, British New Testament scholar. Firmly evangelical, he had been associated with the Keswick movement.
Vladyka Gurias, archbishop of Suzdal, is arrested - one of many arrests he has endured at the hands of the Soviets. He will be sentenced to three years in concentration camps for "participation in a branch of the counter-revolutionary church-monarchist organization, ‘ The True Orthodox Church'."
The executive committee of the World Communion of Reformed Churches meets for a week in Ghana, homeland of its global leader, theologian and pastor Setri Nyomi.

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