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Today in Christian History

Thursday, May 1

In his encyclical "Ad ea quae circa decorem," Pope Alexander VI sanctioned the Minim Friars, a religious order founded by Francis of Paola (1416-1507) in 1435.
Arrest of Maria Cazzala in Toledo, Spain, accused of Lutheranism. Her trial will drag on for years and include torture.
Death in Paris of Francois de Paris, a saintly Jansenist. Extraordinary miracles will occur at his tomb. Louis Basile Carré de Montgeron, a Conseiller au Parlement, who was originally a skeptic, will fill three volumes of claims with certified proofs of the miracles.
At a convention in Louisville, KY, the Methodist Episcopal Church, South was organized as a new denomination, separate from its parent, the Methodist Episcopal Church.
Anton Rubinstein's sacred opera The Tower of Babel is given in Boston by the Handel and Haydn Society.
The first issue of "The Catholic Worker" was published. Founded by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin, the monthly newspaper promoted social reconstruction through shared farming and housing for the urban poor.
Archbishop Edward Mooney, the new leader of the Catholic Church in Detroit, instructs Father Charles Coughlin to cease all non-pastoral activities on pain of being defrocked. Coughlin, a popular radio broadcaster and an ardent supporter of Roosevelt and the New Deal, had increasingly sided with German socialism (Nazism) and attacked Jews and Communists in his radio broadcasts.
Baptism of Esperan
Death of Ralph Darby Williams. The Assembly of God missionary had spent his life equipping South American saints.
A mob of several hundred Muslims rushes the Assembly of God Church at Imbaba, a poor section of Cairo, after attending Friday prayer at the mosque.

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